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Domestic Heating Technology, Energy Efficient Boilers & Heating Systems, Newcastle

Domestic Heating Technology, Energy Efficient Boilers & Heating Systems, Newcastle

At Universal Heating Services Ltd, we consistently research to ensure that we offer our customers only the most efficient and reliable products and services. We are specialists in keeping your home warm and cosy with the associated lower fuel bills. As soon as building regulations demanded that condensing boilers were fitted during domestic boiler replacement, we concentrated our efforts into finding a perfect solution. We eventually focused on a market leading range of boilers by reputable manufacturers Worcester Bosch. We are accredited installers of these British made, high performance, energy saving heating systems, and are happy to be providing this type of quality technology to our customers. We are also happy to offer a five year parts and labour warranty on this boiler range for further peace of mind.

There have been through the ages all kinds of heating systems, including the elaborate, ancient Roman baths and underfloor heating innovations. Nowadays there are basically three types of boiler typically found in homes within the UK.

Regular Boilers – Conventional Heating Systems

These boilers are also described as conventional, traditional or heat only boilers, and are the preferred type of boiler for use in homes which have a traditional system in place. This involves the existing heating and hot water system to be linked to a separate hot water cylinder. A cold water storage tank in the loft, and a tank that maintains the central heating system water level are usually also in place. This option would often be chosen where the property has an ageing radiator system, which may struggle with the rate of water pressure delivered by system or combi boilers.

Other factors that favour this type of regular boiler include homes using a lot of hot water at the same time, where there are multiple bathrooms, water pressure is low and where perhaps solar energy systems are in use.

System Boilers – Fast & Convenient Installation

System boilers store hot water via a cylinder, and provide a fast and simple installation process due to all of the components for the heating and hot water production, being stored within the boiler. A tank in the loft is not needed, which is ideal if there is little loft space, a loft conversion is imminent or there is no loft at all. These boilers are compatible with environmentally friendly, solar water heating systems too, for a green home with lower fuel costs.

Also perfect for homes with several bathrooms, where hot water is required from multiple taps at the same time and where more space is desired in the loft. There are no issues related to having a tank in the loft such as leaks, frost damage etc, the system is economical to run and installation is hassle free.

Combi Boilers – Economical, High Performance & Eco Friendly

A single compact unit which contains a central heating boiler and a high performance, efficient water heater, is what you get with a combi or combination boiler. These very convenient and frequently chosen systems heat water directly from the mains, negating the need for hot water storage cylinders or tanks in the loft. Worcester combi boilers are exceptionally energy efficient, which is one of their many advantages and why we chose to include them amongst our high quality products and services. Their economical nature means that hot water is produced instantly rather than having to be heated and stored ready for use. Generally these systems will provide a more powerful shower experience, as the hot water is delivered at mains pressure without the need for a separate pump. These boilers are designed to be compact, making them ideal for smaller homes and properties with limited space. They are also popular where the loft cannot be used, and there is also no requirement for a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank to be present. No worries about pipes freezing in the attic and a faster, seamless installation due to less pipework are further benefits of a combi boiler.

Traditional, Digital, Intelligent & Internet Connected Electrical Boiler System Controls

When it comes to controls for your boiler there are also a number of choices that raise the performance of these boilers even higher. Traditional 'simple controls' are set for 24 hour periods, 'digital controls' can be programmed to suit your lifestyle, 'intelligent controls' give information on your home requirements, and outside temperatures making them extremely energy efficient and 'internet connected controls' can be controlled via your smartphone and are full of useful features. For any of your electrical needs, we can recommend a company slightly further south, who are expert electrical contractors. Specialising in all domestic, commercial and public sector electrical work. Bardo Electrical Ltd give a 100%, and they are also dedicated to the development and promotion of the electrical industry, offering an excellent apprenticeship scheme to young hopefuls.

Domestic Heating Technology, Energy Efficient Boilers & Heating Systems, Newcastle. Regular Boilers, Conventional Heating Systems, System Boilers, Fast & Convenient Installation, Combi Boilers, Economical, High Performance & Eco Friendly. Traditional, Digital, Intelligent & Internet Connected Electrical Boiler System Controls

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