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Energy Efficient & Sustainable Underfloor Heating

Energy Efficient & Sustainable Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating utilises a system in which warm water is circulated through a series of under floor pipes. These pipes must be laid before the floor is constructed and form a continuous looped network which is connected to the central heating system. Each room within a house has its own controller. Aesthetically, functionally, ecologically and economically there are several factors which make underfloor heating advantageous and desirable when compared to traditional radiators.

Despite heating up approximately the same amount of water as traditional central heating radiators, underfloor heating tends to run at lower temperatures, about 45 degrees centigrade compared to 60. Therefore underfloor heating systems are generally up to 30% cheaper to run than radiators. This also makes them a more sustainable option when looking to heat a home because underfloor heating systems reduce the environmental impact of heating.

The Aesthetics & Function of Underfloor Heating

One of the great advantages of underfloor heating is that it eliminates the need for bulky radiators which not only take up valuable wall space but also limit your options in terms of how you position furniture around a room. This contributes to a far less cluttered and stress free living space. Furthermore, unlike radiators, the network of under floor pipes ensures that underfloor heating is distributed evenly throughout a room. Many people who have underfloor heating installed within their homes claim they enjoy the warm sensation of the floor under their feet and like the fact that they can wear socks or bare feet throughout the home during the winter. In this respect underfloor heating really makes sense because a lot of our body heat is lost through contact with cold surfaces.

Versatile, Practical & Functional Heating Systems

Versatile, Practical & Functional Heating Systems

As our feet are always in contact with the floor it makes sense that we should not be losing heat from this contact but in fact gaining it. This provides a further reason why underfloor heating can run at lower temperatures than radiators giving it greater efficiency as a heating system. Underfloor heating also works excellently through carpets. Whether you have a fully carpeted room or simple plain rugs decorating hard wooden or stone flooring, the heat from the pipes will still rise though this, as it is reflected back from the high
quality insulation laid underneath the pipe network.

Installation & Utilisation of Underfloor Heating System

One of the main disadvantages of underfloor heating is that it is difficult to install. This is because it is necessary to take up the entire floor and build a new floor on top of the heating system. Furthermore because the piping network and insulation below it is an inch or two thick, this does actually reduce the height of the room. For this reason underfloor heating is generally limited to new builds, or rooms which are under renovation. The great thing about underfloor heating, however, is that it is also compatible with traditional radiator central heating systems. You do not have to replace your boiler. In this respect if you are looking to renovate your home and install underfloor heating, it is possible to renovate room by room, without compromising the rest of your central heating system.

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